"Dear Tints,

I am writing to you to thank you for the work you carried out on the windows in my house, you fitted your clear film to all windows in my house after some trouble with youths in our area a few months ago. A couple of days ago after putting my daughter to bed a brick was thrown at her bedroom window. The bed is placed right below the window. The film you applied held all of the shattered glass in place and the brick pretty much bounced back off the window. Without your film who knows where the brick would have ended up and my daughter would have been covered in glass. Once the glass is replaced I will be in touch to have you fit the film to it again!
Blacked out windows - Washington, Tyne and Wear - Tints Window Tinting - conservatory
Many Thanks

Thank you card from Caron Smeaton and Vernon Finnie:

2nd September 2006

"Vernon and I are very pleased with the conservatory tinting. Thankyou very much for the pleasant customer service and hard work the three lads put in on the day. The price was also excellent.

Caron x"

Home and conservatory tinting

We are able to apply our films to domestic as well as commercial buildings. This can provide, in your own home, the same level of comfort and privacy as you may expect in the workplace or leisure venues.

Other benefits of tinting include:

  • Competitive prices
  • Maintenance free
  • More comfortable living space
  • Decorative and privacy film available

Why choose Tints Window Tinting?

  • A lot less than blinds or any other alternative you may have in mind.
  • The cost will depend on how many windows, their size and accessibility.
  • To get a price we will need to send a fitter to your premises to measure and assess the job.
  • If you decide to go ahead with the job, anything from one fitter to a team will arrange to come and tint your windows with the job lasting between one and several days.

The benefits of tinting:

  • Our films can reduce the heat coming into your windows by up to 80%.
  • Our window films can reduce glare by up to 90%.
  • Window films can stop up to 99% of harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and fading of furniture.
  • Our films can completely stop people from seeing into your building, while still allowing you to see out and so a well suited for restaurants and bars.
  • Our films are also maintenance free, so once they're on you don't have to do anything.

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