Letter from Visage Washington,

"Dear all the Tints team,

All the staff in our offices would like to thank you for the great work your carried out on all the windows in the office block. They have expressed how much better working conditions are now that the heat in the summer has been greatly reduced! The privacy of the film is far superior to what we had originally thought and stops everyone from seeing in whilst still allowing the office workers to see out.

The board have also asked me to express their thanks at the decorative film you fitted to the board room, they love it!

Car window tinting - Washington, Tyne and Wear - Tints Window Tinting - tinted building
Thanks for all the great work, at a great price.

Everyone at Visage."

Letter from Northumbrian Water,

"Dear Lee, 

I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the work carried out by your employees. We are overwhelmed at the effort put in to finding the exact film we wanted!

The work was carried out quickly and efficiently and looks great! We will be in touch for future work!

Yours sincerely
Estates Management"

Our expert staff are happy to discuss any issues with you or arrange for a free quotation.

Why get your building tinted?

According to reports by members of The Federation of Environment Trade associations, when office workers are exposed to temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius or more, productivity can fall by as much as 50% and accidents can increase by up to 30%.

The law

Did you know that any glass in any building (other than private residences) that is fitted in the critical locations outlined below, by law must display a legible safety marking. Failure to display this information can result in the prosecution of the occupiers or facilities managers of that building.
We can fit a clear security film 100 or 200 microns thick and apply the appropriate markings to the glass to bring it up to BSEN 12600, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass. The benefits of this are improved security and safety of the glass. This is also law so if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to give us a call and we can come and give you a free health and safety survey.

How much will it cost?

A lot less than blinds or any other alternative you may have in mind.
The cost will depend on how many windows, their size and accessibility.
To get a price we will need to send a fitter to your premises to measure and assess the job.
If you decide to go ahead with the job, anything from one fitter to a team will arrange to come and tint your windows with the job lasting between one and several days.

The benefits of tinting:

Our films can reduce the heat coming into your windows by up to 80%.
Our window films can reduce glare by up to 90%.
Window films can stop up to 99% of harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and fading of furniture.
Our films can completely stop people from seeing into your building, while still allowing you to see out and so are well suited for restaurants and bars.
Our films are also maintenance free, so once they're on you don't have to do anything.
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