Dear Lee,

Thanks very much for doing such an excellent job on my corsa. The windows look great and i am very pleased.
Kind regards
Matthew Swift
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To whom it may concern,

I feel that I must write to you after i was involved in a car accident. Unfortunately a tractor and trailer, loaded with rocks drove into the side of my Mitsubishi FTO . . .my son was in the front passenger seat and the entire side window was smashed by the impact. Fortunately . . . I can confirm that due to the properties of the window film that you fitted, my son was totally unharmed by any of the shattered glass. I feel sure that without the window film my son would have suffered facial cuts . . . My insurers have paid me and I have replaced my car with another FTO. I will be having the windows tinted once again by you.

For a no-obligation quotation or for more information on available times and dates to book in your car call us on the details below.

Practical uses of tinted windows

Our films can reject up to 87% of heat, depending on what film is used. All of our films will block out 99% of UV rays, stopping fading to your car interior and more importantly helps prevent the primary cause of skin cancer.

Other benefits include enhanced privacy and security due to your belongings not being on show, as well as safety as the films will often hold glass in place following an impact.

What guarantee do
you get?

We are so confident in our work that we offer a LIFETIME warranty.

Should anything go wrong with the film: peeling, bubbling, or fading simply bring back your car and we will replace the film, free of charge.

Can all windows be tinted?

You are allowed to put any film that you want onto the rear of your car. The windscreen however, cannot be tinted and according to law the driver and passenger windows cannot have less than 70% light let through.

We do have films that are legal for the front driver and passenger windows, call us to discuss these options and find out more, or why not come and visit us in our workshop and view some of our work that we have outside.

How is it fitted?

Our team of professional fitters use a special film that is bonded to the inside of the window with an adhesive. Of course this glue can be easily removed if you ever need it off.

Windows that are bonded to the car will have the film fitted in place while any windows that can be removed, are, to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.
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